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Drama-loving guys and the girls who loathe them

A really close gf of mine who’s on her way to sports entertainment superstardom in the US (literally) is unfortunately, currently bogged down by a case doucheitis.

Why is it that some guys just love to create drama? It’s rare, non? I thought it was more of a girl thing to do than for a guy to make up rumours about how a girl got him drunk and forced him to do this and that, and drink some more (a GIRL got him drunk) and lalalala. Douchebag has gotsomeĀ  serious issues, especially when he can’t even take responsibility for his own actions and has to blame a GIRL for his teetotalling behaviour.

How does that, at all, make any sense!? It’s like a guy telling his buddies he didn’t actually want to have sex with that hot chic, she forced him to.

But I guess it’s just proof of the gospel of Anthony Robbins…”unsuccessful people major in minor things”…. this douche is actually one of the bottom feeders of this superstardom company my gf works for and is clearly trying to bring her down because he knows she’s going to succeed.

*Sigh*…it’s lonely at the top, but I hear the view is amazing.