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Sleeping with the frenemy

Do you ever wonder about who you can really trust? I mean, can you truly ever trust the person you’ve confided in with all your deepest, darkest, death-sentence-if-anyone-ever-found-out?

My mind drifts off to that place sometimes, being one of those people from my pre-bornagaingoodgirl days. Looking back, one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made was being too trusting with certain people. Especially this one girl — she knows all my take-it-to-the-grave secrets. The ones that could destroy me both inside and out if anyone ever knew. A huge part of me wonders…will she actually take it to the grave?

A little bird recently stopped by my window sill and alerted me otherwise. I love birds. Especially this one…no matter what, I know that this little bird, even if it becomes a frenemy (though I doubt this will ever happen, unless pigs fly) will take everything to the grave.

But is there really a way to insure that frenemy will take it to the grave? Are there tests? Must we just kill her and her confidants off? In the real world, I suppose the best way is to keep your friends close and your frenemies closer.  Especially if you’re aware that frenemy has been talking about you to other people. The damage is done and there’s no turning back. The only thing you can really do at this point is instill some serious guilt tripping … and what better way to get super close than to f&^ them?



  CasaRosa wrote @

Wow, this has me curious;)

  Miss Rosa wrote @

Okay I just found this blogger chick who linked to a youtube video (today’s post). The song’s about douchebags. Check it out. So funny.

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